US FIRST Team 2053 from Endicott and Vestal, NY

Team 2053 on the second day of the 2013-14 build season

Current Events

We have a brand-spanking new shiny website brought to you courtesy of the combined efforts of Nik Walz and Joe Farrell.

We are also currently in the throes of preparing for build season-dismantling the old robot, building a new pit cart, and cleaning out the closet.



Join us on Saturday, November 8 at the Union Endicott High School for a Robotics Team 2053 can/bottle drive. All proceeds go to helping the team scrape together the cash to duct tape together a robot."

November 19: Uncorked Creations


The 2014 game Aerial Assist is over! Congrats to the teams who competed for the championships,and we hope everyone comes back next year determined and ready to play!

Current sponsors:
IBM [IBM logo]
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