US FIRST Team 2053 from Endicott and Vestal, NY

Current Events

We have a brand-spanking new shiny website brought to you courtesy of the combined efforts of Nik Walz and Joe Farrell.

We are also currently in the throes of preparing for build season-dismantling the old robot, building a new pit cart, and cleaning out the closet.



"Come to Friendly's on Main St. at any time on Thursday, October 23 with a Team 2053 flier and help support the UE robotics team!

Join us on Saturday, November 8 at the Union Endicott High School for a Robotics Team 2053 can/bottle drive. All proceeds go to helping the team scrape together the cash to duct tape together a robot."


The 2014 game Aerial Assist is over! Congrats to the teams who competed for the championships,and we hope everyone comes back next year determined and ready to play!