Tigertronics Is the US FIRST team 2053 from Endicott and Vestal NY.

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Current News:

   The banquet, but unfortunately we had food leftover. A LOT of food. We only have a few more meetings before summer, and two more demonstrations! Go UE and Vestal!


   The 2014 game Aerial Assist is over! Congrats to the teams who competed for the championships,and we hope everyone comes back next year determined and ready to play!



   Go to Ready to Rummage on W. Main St. Endicott. Tell them you want the proceeds to go to us, and we'll get 20% of anything you donate!
   If you ever need to drop off your cans and bottles, go to Neighborhood Redemption on Badger Ave. in Endicott OR Gerry Tulls @ 18 State Route 38b in Endicott. If you tell them to, all the money from the cans and bottles goes to us!

Limited Time:
   None at the moment, stay tuned for more fundraisers! We can use all the money we can get!

Featured Student

Team 2053 on the second day of the 2014 build season.

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